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GoSports Pets Non-Slip PupsCream Parlor


  • MESS-FREE FROZEN TREAT HOLDER: Revolutionary, patent pending holder stays in place to keep pets from taking their frozen snacks to eat on the floor, couch or bed; A modern, easy alternative to freezing treats inside a rubber dispensing toy; Also save time without hand feeding dog ice cream, protect against messes and save money with homemade recipes
  • USE STORE BRAND OR SAVE WITH DIY RECIPES: Fits most store-bought dog ice cream cups, such as Frosty Paws and Dogsters; No more wasted time having to hold the cup for your dog, simply insert it into the base holder and let your dog do the rest; Holder also keeps your dog from sliding the cup around or chewing on the carton
  • INCLUDES 6 REUSABLE CUPS: Serve up DIY, money-saving recipes your dog will love with the included PupsCream cups and lids; Blend healthy dog-safe ingredients together (recipe ideas included), pour into the cups, and freeze to serve; Instantly swap cups for back to back uses, unlike difficult to clean alternatives
  • PREMIUM EASY-TO-CLEAN MATERIALS: Made from food safe materials; Wash the serving cups in the dishwasher between uses and easily wipe down the base with soap and water when necessary; Finally no more messy pet treats, keep your home clean and your dog happy

GoSports Pets PupsCream Parlor is a new and exciting frozen treat holder for your dog. Our patent pending design is a hands-free, mess-free solution that allows your dog to indulge in tasty treats without them sliding the cup around. Simply unscrew the bottom of the base and fill with almost any store-bought or homemade dog ice cream to keep your pet happy and preoccupied. Made from food and dishwasher safe materials, the PupsCream Parlor is a great alternative to messy and potentially hazardous lick mats that your dog can chew on. We also include six reusable cups and lids, so you can make your own batch of healthy, cost-effective frozen treats that cater to your dog's dietary needs. Experience a better way to reward your pet with GoSports PupsCream Parlor!