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GoSports Golf HEX TRACK Swing Path Training Pylons


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  • SWING PATH TRAINING: HEX TRACK Pylons are designed to stake directly into grass to provide instant feedback on your swing path to correct problematic swing tendencies including slices and hooks
  • USE ON GRASS ONLY: The pylons are designed to stake into grass and can be setup in varying combinations for multiple drills(setup and drill instructions included); Accomodates both right handed and left handed golfers
  • FIX HOOKS, SLICES & MORE: Position the yellow pylons in varying combinations to fix hooks and slices, and hit straighter, longer shots
  • EASY RETRIEVAL: The pylons will break free on contact from a bad swing for instant feedback; The attached shock cords keep the pylons from flying down-range and make them easy to reel back for your next swing

The HEX TRACK Pylons provide instant feedback for your swing path to correct hooks and slices, or practice draws and fades. The HEX TRACK Pylons are designed to stake into the grass and feature a shock cord for easy retrieval from mishits. The pylons can be inserted in varying combinations based on your desired practice drill. The angle of the pylons can also be adjusted for increased difficulty to get closer to the perfect path and ball strike. To reinforce a proper swing path, the pylons will break free on contact. Use this feedback to identify mistakes in your swing and make corrections. To reset, simply retrieve the pylon and reattach to the upright connector. Start hitting straighter and longer after practicing with the GoSporst HEX TRACK Pylons!