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GoSports Baseball and Softball Hitting Mat with Batting Stance Alignment Guide - 6 x 4 ft


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  • IMPROVE BATTING FUNDAMENTALS: Helps players refine their batting stance and stride while training at the batting cages or hitting into a net; Dual-sided to accommodate both left and right-handed batters
  • VISUAL ALIGNMENT GUIDE: Easy to read grid lines help hitters learn how to stand at the plate for improved contact and power; Get immediate feedback on swing mechanics to build muscle memory for a better batting average; Instructions included
  • ALL-SEASON DURABILITY: Large 6 x 4 ft size mat features a robust rubber backing, perfect for training in a batting cage, the garage, driveway, and more; Recommended to use non-spiked shoes to prevent accelerated wear
  • COACH FAVORITE: Allows coaches & players to easily instruct proper stance and stride mechanics for game changing confidence; Allows players to drill on coach instruction by themselves

GoSports Baseball and Softball Hitting Mat helps players refine their stance, stride, and swing! The 6 x 4 ft mat is dual-sided to accommodate both left and right-handed batters and includes an alignment guide to give immediate feedback on swing mechanics. The detailed grid allows coaches and players to easily identify and correct improper footwork for a better batting performance. It's a great training aid for practice at home or the batting cages! Perfect your swing with GoSports Baseball and Softball Hitting Mat!