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GoSports X5 Swim Kickboard for Swimming Training and Pool Exercise - Adult Size


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  • ESSENTIAL SWIM TOOL: Versatile, buoyant kickboard design allows swimmers to focus on proper kicking technique by neutralizing arms and isolating legs during swim practice; Use to improve swimming skills and overall strength for swimmers of all abilities
  • INNOVATIVE X5 DESIGN: Developed with a professional swim instructor, the kickboard features 5 essential grip positions to accommodate hand placement for all key areas of training: bottom grip, side grip, interior grip, top grip and center rest; Cheaper foam boards lack these positions
  • SUPERIOR TO FOAM BOARDS: Made from robust and buoyant HDPE material that withstands long-term use and is stronger than foam board alternatives; Resists fading, warping and overall degradation from the sun and chlorinated pools
  • APPROVED BY SWIM INSTRUCTORS: Great for teaching new swimmers proper technique or for experienced swimmers looking to master their strokes and increase speed; Ideal for swim lessons, swim teams, senior centers, community pools and more

Looking to develop better swimming techniques? The GoSports X5 is a premium kickboard with five hand placement options. The X5 is great for improving kicking techniques, practice swimming drills, and isolating different muscles for exercise. The kickboard is made from thick HDPE material that withstands long-term use and is stronger than foam board alternatives. Unlike cheaper foam kickboards that warp over time, the X5's hard polymer build retains its shape even after extended use and sun exposure. We recommend using the kickboard with a certified swim instructor for optimal performance and safety. Now start swimming with confidence with the GoSports X5 Kickboard!