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GoSports Universal 18" Steel Replacement Basketball Rim


  • UNIVERSAL REGULATION SIZE: The 18" baskeball rim is a great replacement for any worn or broken basketball hoop; Mounting bracket allows for installation on most major brand backboards, but check measurements to confirm.
  • LONGLASTING MATERIAL: Manufactured from all-weather, powder coated steel, this rim is made for durability and continual use.
  • EASY SETUP: Includes the rim, net and hardware for easy installation
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION: Use outside in your driveway or backyard, or even indoors; Wherever you enjoy playing, this 18" universal regulation steel basketball rim is a perfect fit.
  • SPLASH HOOP COMPATIBLE: Official replacement for our Splash Hoop pool basketball game.

Looking for a new basketball rim to replace your old, rusted eyesore of a hoop? GoSports 18" Universal Regulation Steel Basketball Rim makes it easy to refresh your basketball hoop. Unlike other replacement rims, our product is regulation size and compatible with most standard basketball hoops. It's simple to install and contains everything you need for quick assembly. The rim is constructed from quality steel, so no need to worry replacing your hoop anytime soon. Use the rim to restore your damaged hoop or directly mount above your garage, the choice is yours.