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GoSports Limited Flight Modern Training Baseballs 12 Pack - Regulation Size


  • LIMITED FLIGHT: Reduced flight baseballs that simulate true flight path; limited flight is easier to retrieve, and great for smaller training spaces and for building confidence at bat.
  • TRUE FLIGHT FEEDBACK: Regulation size balls are designed to simulate the true flight path of baseballs for valuable feedback; practice and improve hitting mechanics and timing.
  • ULTRA DURABLE: Made from a durable polymer that reforms its shape after countless hits and is waterproof.
  • CHASE LESS BALLS: Spend less time chasing balls and more time focusing on improvement and results; high visibility for easy retrieval
  • COACH FAVORITE: Must have training aid for professional coaches and trainers, premium all-weather polymer withstands countless drills and warmups for multiple seasons.

The GoSports limited flight baseballs are designed as a modern baseball training tool to simulate the true flight path of real baseballs during hitting practice, while also reducing flight distance to make it easier to retrieve the balls. Practice more swings at full speed with less time wasted on ball retrieval. Also a great alternative to real baseballs for building greater confidence at bat and practicing swing timing. As an added bonus, the limited flight makes it easier to practice in smaller training areas or reduce wear on batting nets.