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GoSports Padded Blocking Guards - 2-Pack


We have run out of stock for this item.

  • VERSATILE TOOL: Heavy-duty padded poles simulate defenders for a variety of drills across all major sports and martial arts
  • OPTIMIZE TRAINING: Allows coaches to improve player technique without having to jump, lunge or bend over
  • PADDED DESIGN: Made from robust padded foam with additional padding on the handles for superior grip, control and comfort during training drills. The inner high-density foam minimizes impact and the outer composite leather surface is tear proof, sweat proof and water proof
  • ALL AGES & ABILITIES: Perfect training aid for athletes of various skill levels - youth, middle school, high school and college athletes
  • VERSATILE SIZE: Each blocking guard is 2.5 ft in length and features thick foam guards that are 5” wide