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GoSports Core Hub Fitness Plank Board - Red


  • FULL BODY WORKOUT: Pivot plank board gives you 360 degrees of motion to target core muscle groups and focus on full body muscle activity in just minutes per day (full workout details included)
  • SMARTPHONE INTEGRATION: Non-slip smartphone pad holds your phone in place so you can watch videos or play interactive fitness games while working out
  • HAVE FUN WITH WORKOUTS: Use with interactive fitness game apps for more challenges and fun during workouts (app not included, check your app store for options)
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: Board is lightweight and easy to transport anywhere for a quick and fun workout at home, the gym or office without requiring any setup
  • HAND GUARDS: Board includes handles under the board to help protect your hands while shifting plank positions so that you never have to worry about hand placement and can focus on your exercise