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GoSports 5'x4' PRO Golf Practice Hitting Mat


  • PRO GOLF MAT: Features interchangeable hitting mats for practicing key swing elements at home, fix hooks/slices, fat or thin shots, improve swing path, impact position, ball striking, and more
  • FAIRWAY AND ROUGH TURF: Includes 2x Fairway Turf for traditional swing practice with 3 rubber tees; also includes 1.5" Rough Turf for realistic practice out of longer grass.
  • SWING SPOT MAT: Imprints your golf swing at impact to highlight key aspects for corrective training, immediately identify and fix slices/hooks, fat/thin shots, and ball striking tendencies (instructions included)
  • HEX PATH GUIDES: 4 yellow HEX pylons provide guidance and instant feedback on your swing path, position pylons in varying combinations to practice draws or fades, and fix hooks and slices (instructions included)
  • HOME PRACTICE: Get more out of at-home practice into a hitting net for success on the course, comprehensive swing trainer mat for golfers of all skill levels. Patents Pending

The GoSports 5'x4' PRO Golf Mat was developed to provide the ultimate home practice experience. The interchangeable inserts provide feedback on key swing elements, including hook/slices, fat or thin shots, swing path, impact position, ball strike location, and more. The complete set includes one 5'x4' golf mat, 2 Fairway Turf inserts, Rough Turf insert, SWING SPOT insert, and HEX PATH insert. The Fairway Turf is great for traditional swing practice and includes 3 rubber tees for practice with drivers. The 1.5" Rough Turf allows practice for anything from chips, to irons, to hybrids. The SWING SPOT mat features proprietary material to imprint your golf swing onto the mat to highlight key aspects for corrective training for fixing slices/hook, fat/thin shots, and ball striking tendencies. The HEX PATH mat features 4 yellow HEX pylons that attach via hook and loop in varying configurations to provide guidance and instant feedback on your swing path; also great for practicing draws or fades. Comprehensive user instructions included. Now practice like the pros and achieve success on the course with the GoSports 5'x4' PRO Golf Mat!