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GoSports 6 Inch Soft Skin Foam Playground Dodgeballs - 6 Pack - Blue


  • DODGEBALL SET: 6 blue foam dodgeballs for backyard play, leagues, summer camp activities, school PE gym equipment, and more; 6 in size is easier to throw and catch, making it perfect for kids
  • NO-STING SURFACE: Unlike typical rubber balls, the soft surface of these balls does not sting on impact; Safe for kids of all ages both indoors and outdoors
  • LATEX-FREE: Made from durable, tear-resistant material that holds up game after game
  • STORAGE BAG INCLUDED: Heavy-duty mesh carry bag for easy portability and neat storage; Convenient accessory for parents and coaches

Here's why kids and adults love the sting free surface! The GoSports Soft Skin Dodgeball uses incredible play and safety technology to remove the "sting" you typically get with a regular dodgeball and let's everyone join on the fun. Virtually every problem is solved with this set when it comes to dodgeball: the durable material holds up, the smaller size is perfect so kids can play too, and the softness of this set means no one gets hurt! Thanks to the incredibly durable and soft exterior, these dodgeballs also hold up against extended use both indoors and outdoors and never require inflation. Plus, this set includes a bonus mesh carrying bag for easy storage. Experience the GoSports difference with our Soft Skin Dodgeballs!