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Cuddy Floating Cooler and Dry Storage Vessel - 40QT - Amphibious Hard Shell Design, White


  • AMPHIBIOUS FLOATING COOLER: Float, tow or anchor, the Cuddy is a purpose built floating cooler and dry storage vessel that also serves as a traditional cooler on land; Always have your drinks or gear within reach while on the water
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE: Fully functioning cooler in and out of the water, the Cuddy is a must have for outdoor enthusiasts: boating, kayaking, camping, rafting, tubing, fishing, pools, sandbars or anywhere on land; Easy to tow in water while also providing a stable base on land
  • SOCIAL FLOATING: Always have your cold drinks within reach, in and out of the water; Easy cooler access for 2 large lids and 4 built in cup holders; Anchor your Cuddy on the sandbar, tie-off on your boat or tow behind your kayak
  • TOWABLE AND UNSINKABLE: The Cuddy is built for the rugged outdoors; Designed for non-powered towing (kayak, SUP, hand) or anchor to a fixed point for Social Floating

The Cuddy is the result of hundreds of hours of R&D to develop the most versatile cooler and dry storage vessel in the world. Engineered to perform in and out of the water, the Cuddy brings a whole new level of convenience to recreational water sports. The Cuddy combines all of the features and conveniences of a modern cooler with the additional ability to be taken out on the water. The Cuddy's unsinkable design and hydrodynamic profile allow it to be towed, tethered or anchored in any body of water. Since we can't always be out on the water, the Cuddy also works on land, making it an all-purpose outdoor accessory. The Cuddy is truly the last cooler you will ever need to own and is sure to wow your friends with cold drinks always within reach.